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Established in 1984, Nunley & Associates has earned its status as a leading Contract Manufacturer's Representative in the Bay Area. Over the years we have tailored our product line to best meet the changing needs of our customers and the industry in which they reside.

For as the world of technology constantly changes, there has been one constant, and that is Nunley & Associates. With over 18 years of doing business in the Bay Area we have considerable native knowledge and have forged strong and lasting relationships. And by adhering to the following principles Nunley & Associates will be giving great service for years to come.

  • Offer a quality product to the customer
  • Be knowledgeable about all of the products we offer
  • Have a sense of urgency about our customers needs
  • Add value to our Customers and Principals by offering unmatched customer service
  • Maintain a solid relationship at all levels between Nunley, the Customer and the Principal
  • Provide stability to the Principal and the Customer

In choosing Nunley & Associates as your partner, you can be assured that Nunley will set itself apart from others by making every effort to meet your needs in this highly competitive market.



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